Meet HealthIO

A preventive digital health platform
powered by data

What is HealthIO?

HealthIO is a preventive digital health platform
powered by data.
HealthIO leverages user generated health data to create personalized and actionable insights. 
These insights enable members and their caregivers the opportunity for early intervention. The weekly regimen promotes individual ownership of health and helps shift the emphasis of healthcare to prevention.

Enabling a healthier you

Digital health technology adds the power of data and preventive analytics to the healthcare equation.
Take the opportunity to positively impact the health outcomes of your members and create a culture of health. Move the needle by improving health literacy and engagement, right-sizing healthcare provider utilization, and focusing on prevention and management of chronic conditions.

HealthIO leverages data to help ease the burden of maintaining "health"

Easy-to-use digital sensors automatically transfer readings to the HealthIO app. The user is now able to take charge of their health using in-app reminders for vitals, medication, and wellness activities.
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A new tool in the form of high-frequency vitals data provides valuable notifications and alerts which enable early clinical intervention to help manage health conditions.
Managing health is not easy – and it doesn’t have to be done alone. HealthIO enables the support system of the member’s family, nurses, and physicians help achieve their health goals.
Personalized coaching provides high risk members with support and guidance to help recognize which behaviors help maintain health and those that require modification.
Data analytics and AI assist in the prediction of onset and/or progression of chronic conditions leading to more timely interventions.

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What they are saying about us

"One of our members had HTN and hyperglycemia readings that were above his normal ranges. Due to the use of the HeathIO app, in collaboration with our RN, the member was alerted to schedule a PMD appointment with his doctor.  The nurse was able to review all readings with the doctor using the HealthIO app. As a result of this
intervention, the member is now on new medication to control his symptoms that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and likely untreated. I enjoyed this success story and wanted to share!"


- Rachael L, RN at a Regional Managed Care Organization

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