Who We Are

Committed to Shifting the Emphasis on Health


Leveraging our passion for making a difference in health care and in the lives of people around us, we strive to shift the emphasis of healthcare from sick-care back to "health" and back to the "individual". We believe that by combining the forces of IoT, Big Data and AI, we can achieve an improved quality of care while minimizing the cost burden on the system.


Founded in 2016, our incredible team has worked tirelessly to bring HealthIO's vision to reality.

The HealthIO Team

Paras Goel

Director - Marketing & Customer Success

Neuman, Dave.jpg

Dave Neuman

Director - Technology, Engineering & UX

Seghers, Mark (1).jpg

Mark Seghers

Director -  Business Development

Sanjay Mohan

Managing Director

Randy Bennett

Director - Client Relationships

Sigvard Bore

Director - Product Development

Gaddis, Tyler (1).jpg

Tyler Gaddis

Data Engineer

Mary Ann Grittner  web.jpg

Mary Ann Grittner

Software Engineer - Mobile

Henry, Garett.jpg

Garett Henry

Sr. Sales Consultant

Katie Herczeg

Digital Health Coach

Rob Koss  web.jpg

Rob Kos

Sr. Software Engineer - Test

Lisi, Amelia.jpg

Amelia Lisi

Customer Success Manager

Wohik, Mitch.jpg

Mitchell Wohlk

Sr. Software Engineer

Smitha Radhakrishna

Product Manager

Robinson, Scott (1).jpg

Scott Robinson

User Experience Lead

Eric Schilder

Software Engineer Lead - Mobile

Katie Tuchel  web.jpg

Katie Tuchel

Digital Health Coach

Nicole Van Peursem

Digital Marketing Manager