How can I request a demo?

Please click ‘Get In Touch’ at the top of this page and provide your contact details. Someone at HealthIO will contact you.

What is the next step after the user receives the HealthIO kit?

  1. Device set up: The HealthIO kit includes a ‘Getting Started Guide’ that provides step-by-step guidance on how to set up each device.

  2. App set up: Once the user downloads the app, they can set up the frequency to record vitals, medication schedule, wellness activity schedule and add a support network.

How can the user get help with device setup?

The user can refer user manuals or view how-to videos on our website. Or, you can contact us via email at if you still have questions.

Can the user customize vitals/medication/wellness activities?

Within the HealthIO app, the user can select the vitals/medication/wellness activity tab and make the desired changes. For more information, please view how-to-videos.

What is an ‘advocate’? Who can be an advocate?

An ‘advocate’ is a person who cares about the user’s health and can help them meet their health/wellness goals. It can be a family member, a close friend or someone at the doctor’s office. The user can set-up more than one advocate.

Is the user’s data secure? What has HealthIO done to ensure that user data cannot be accessed by an unauthorized person?

HealthIO has taken all the necessary measures to ensure security and privacy of user data. User data is split into two sets; one set identifies the user – name, email address, date of birth and the other has the user health measurement data. These data sets are stored separately in data storage services that are compliant to HIPAA laws. User data is transmitted securely from a smartphone / tablet to the healthio servers. Access to user data is provided based on user consent.