Health Coaching

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Learn how health coaching fits into a preventive health strategy

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Health is a Journey
Not a Destination

HealthIO understands the path to realizing health and wellness goals differs for everyone, and everyone can benefit from support along the way. Our dedicated Digital Health Coaches work with members to understand their individual challenges and guide them in achieving their goals.

Our coaches work in both 1-1 and group settings to help motivate members to make healthier life choices, take ownership of their health and offer support to help achieve higher member engagement with the HealthIO program.  

The HealthIO coaching program is a key component and enabler of meeting overall health and wellness goals.

Identifing Health & Wellness Needs

Coaches work with members to assess lifestyle patterns and identify individual health and wellness needs.

Personalized Support

Members receive coaching and wellness guidance via phone and video conferencing for ongoing support and encouragement. 


Members learn about the importance and connection between nutrition, fitness, stress management, and value of a support network.

Documentation & Evaluation

Receive documentation regarding the implementation and ongoing effectiveness of  the coaching services by selected risk tier.

Data + Technology + Personalized Coaching

Personalized coaching adds a human element to HealthIO's preventive digital health platform. Because health is a journey, not a destination, coaching helps your members "connect the dots" of their individual health goals. 

The combination of user generated health data, predictive analytics, and supported behavioral coaching  empowers your members to take ownership of their health.


Help your members help themselves (and your organization) by arming them with the tools they need to commit to  a new preventive digital health tool. The easy-to-use digital platform engages them in regular monitoring of health vitals, and personalized coaching delivers expect advice, guidance, support, and motivation.  



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