Achieve the Triple Aim 





Most people see their doctor only once a year on average; physicians have precious little time to learn about their numerous patients.  This limits the efficacy of care, and masks health issues which may manifest in the months away from the doctor, and often result in an emergency room visit.

Use HealthIO to achieve:


  • Better risk stratification

  • Unique insights into the health of your patients

  • Improved patient relationship

  • Optimized clinical capacity utilization


Home & Community Healthcare Providers

The home/community-based health care is undergoing changes driven by health care delivery reform efforts and budgetary constraints. This requires providers to develop preventive, proactive and longitudinal relationships with patients that extend beyond the office walls to prevent hospitalizations and exacerbation of chronic conditions.


HealthIO helps you achieve:


  • Fewer unnecessary nursing visits

  • Reduced ER/UR visits

  • Easier care coordination

  • Improved decision-making, customer satisfaction and retention


Health Plans & Insurers

Faced with increasing regulations, shrinking profits, and heightened competition, health plans today need to understand, and fight to retain their customers as never before. As the U.S. population ages, the more a payer can do to help their members be healthier.


Use HealthIO to attain:


  • Unique insights that help you deepen member relationships

  • Reduction in unnecessary ER/UR visits

  • Engaged and self-aware members leading to a reduction in claims costs

  • Reduced chronic condition management expense





Employers of all sizes care deeply about their employees’ well being. The goal is to have a healthy, engaged workforce while keeping health care costs under control.


Use HealthIO to realize:


  • Lower health insurance costs

  • Reduction of employee absenteeism by over 27%

  • A better understanding of the company’s overall health

  • Employees who are motivated and meet their health goals

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