Stress and Anxiety During the Covid-19 Crisis

Randall Bennett

We are all experiencing increased stress and anxiety during these turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Much of what is going on throughout the world seems to be out of our individual control, which only adds to the stress and anxiety. By way of example, the other day we heard of one explanation as to why we may be experiencing a toilet paper shortage. Many may find humor in it; however, let’s face it - it’s not because Covid-19 has a side effect that would significantly increase the use of toilet paper. Rather, at least as one expert has reported, it had to do with sense of individual control.

We, as human beings, do not like uncertainty. We strive to understand what tomorrow may bring. Per this expert, uncertainty leads to stress and anxiety, and buying excessive toilet paper may be our way of exerting individual control over a very small, but perceivably important, part of daily life. Apparently having enough toilet paper removes one small concern of a larger world of uncertainty.

So, what else can we do to reduce uncertainty and take control of those things we can in fact control. As part of the healthIO family, we are all participating in a program that strives to track your health vitals to allow you to better understand your health status and share those finding among your personally selected health care advocates, such as your family and healthcare providers. You are in control of taking those vitals… by stepping on that scale to log your weight… or wrapping that cuff around your arm to take that essential blood pressure measurement… or placing your forefinger in the pulse oximeter to track your pulse or that critical blood oxygen level.

On a side note, we recently identified an interesting article that linked your blood oxygen level to potentially alerting you of problems with your lungs, which reportedly can be linked to Covid-19. Tracking your vitals is within your individual control, and healthIO is here to help you do just that. Let’s together try to take control of our health and in doing so, possible lower our stress and anxiety.

Finally, here at healthIO, we are sincerely concerned about the health and safety of our healthIO family of participants, sponsors, partners and employees.It is critical during these uncertain times that we individually take control of our own actions and follow the CDC guidelines, stay-at-home directives, social distancing practices and personal hygiene (e.g. wash your hands extensively). Together, we can and will beat this virus. Take care and be SAFE.