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The Relationship Between Data and Prevention

You can't manage what you don't measure.

Use data and measurements to educate, engage, empower individual ownership of health. 
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Health Plans & Insurers
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Organizations of all sizes are looking for a new solution to the complex challenge of employee health. Get ahead of the curve and take a proactive and preventive approach. Use data and measurements to educate, engage, and empower your employees. 

HealthIO helps address:


  • Chronic condition prevention and management

  • Optimal health provider utilization

  • Health literacy and engagement


Home & Community Healthcare Programs

Driven by healthcare delivery reform efforts and budgetary constraints, Home and Community Healthcare is undergoing service delivery pressure. These forces require providers to develop member relationships that extend beyond the office walls. A truly preventive approach educates and empowers members to take ownership of their health.


HealthIO helps address:

  • Emergency Room and Urgent Care usage

  • Care coordination

  • Improved member satisfaction and retention


Health Plans & Insurers

Faced with increasing regulations, decreasing profit margins, and heightened competition, health plans must understand and fight to retain their customers like never before. Empower your members to take control of their health.


Use HealthIO to address:


  • Chronic condition management

  • Emergency Room and Urgent Care usage

  • Improved member satisfaction and retention

  • Member ownership of health




Provider &
Provider-Sponsored Health Plans

Population health management is a cost-effective way for organizations such as provider-sponsored health plans to create positive patient engagement. Leverage data educate patients and help ease the burden of maintaining health.


Use HealthIO to address:


  • Clinical outcomes and care management, most notably - chronic condition management

  • Member and patient satisfaction

  • Financial risk management

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